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CDT Management

The management team that we have assembled at CDT is second to none – in quality, commitment and integrity. We are proud to provide safe, reliable, cost effective and on time transportation to the disabled community of the Chicago area. Please read on to learn more about our outstanding team.

Matt Lundgren, General Manager

Matt has been with CDT for over 20 years, working in maintenance, driving, scheduling, call intake and dispatching. His outstanding performance in each department has helped him advance to General Manager. Matt has worked with and is deeply knowledgeable about every aspect of the company’s operations and has developed and implemented the policies and procedures that helped CDT grow efficiently as the volume of service has risen.

Edward Estrada, Transportation Manager

Ed is the newest member of our management team.  Ed worked for the Chicago Transit Authority where he retired as a Control Center Manager 2 after 27 years of service.  Ed is looking forward to the challenge of working in the paratransit field after many years of mainline transportation experience.  He brings dedication, experience, and commitment to the position and is eager to help CDT’s drivers provide safe, courteous, and reliable transportation to the paratransit community.

Letroy Young, Asst. Transportation Manager

Letroy has been with CDT since 2004.  He became Asst. Transportation Manager in 2015 and now supervises the daily operations of the department consisting of 600 employees (Drivers, Driver Supervisors, Driver Scheduler, Road Supervisors and CDL Trainers). His experience has made him a valuable team member and he is looking forward to continuing his vital work helping people with disabilities and seniors receive safe, courteous and reliable service.

Lashanda Brown, Dispatch/Call Center Manager

Lashanda joined CDT in 2006. She started as a driver and advanced to a van trainer within her first year. She has also worked as reconciliation staff, driver supervisor, quality assurance supervisor and is now Dispatch/Call Center Manager. Lashanda takes pride in working in the “nerve center” of the company and has been responsible for improving the processes and procedures that help keep CDT running smoothly.

Lisa Maurer, Risk Manager

Lisa began working for CDT as a driver in 2007. Since then, she has also worked in customer service and the quality assurance department, where she focused on ensuring CDT’s contractual compliance. She acquired the position of the QA Manager in 2010 and moved into the Risk Manager/Quality Assurance Manager position in 2011.

Julie Lundgren, Human Resources Manager

Julie has been with CDT since September 1975. She has held many positions at CDT, including billing clerk, driver, driver supervisor, receptionist and the H.R. Manager for the past 20 years. Julie works to help employees navigate problems with health insurance, 401k, payroll, schedules, vacations, FMLA Leaves and paid time off.